Ever wondered where the elusive filter reset button hides on your GE refrigerator?

Let’s uncover this mystery together. Prepare to embark on a scavenger hunt inside your fridge as we search for the magical button that resets your water filter. 

where is the filter reset button on ge refrigerator

Where Is The Filter Reset Button On Ge Refrigerator?

In a GE refrigerator, the filter reset button can be found inside the fridge, usually labeled as the “Reset Filter” or “Water Filter” compartment.

To reset the filter light, open the cover, remove the old filter, insert the new one, and press and hold the Water button for three seconds.

Step-by-Step Guide: Resetting the Water Filter in a GE Refrigerator with the Reset Button.

Step 1: Open the Fridge Doors and Locate the Water Filter Compartment

open the fridge doors and locate the water filter compartment

To begin resetting your GE refrigerator water filter, open the fridge doors and look for the compartment labeled “Water Filter.” It is usually located inside the refrigerator.

Step 2: Remove the Water Filter

Press the tabs on the water filter cover to open it. Once the cover is open, swivel the filter out about 45 degrees. Then, twist the filter and pull it straight out from its housing.

Step 3: Install the New Water Filter

Take the new water filter and insert it into the filter housing. Make sure it is properly aligned and fully inserted.

Step 4: Reset the Filter Light

To reset the filter light, press and hold the Water button on the refrigerator for three seconds.

This action should reset the indicator light and indicate that the filter has been successfully replaced.

Note for RFID-Enabled Filters

note for rfid enabled filters

If you are using one of the newer GE water filters with RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) technology, your refrigerator may automatically detect the new filter and disable the filter light for you.

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Compatibility with GE Refrigerator Models

This resetting process should work for most models of GE refrigerators, including the popular Profile series.

Steps to Resetting the Water Filter on Your GE Side-By-Side Refrigerator with the Reset Button

Step 1: Locate the Water Filter

locate the water filter

If you have a side-by-side refrigerator with the freezer compartment on the left and the refrigerator compartment on the right, the reset process is slightly different.

Simply locate the water filter, which is typically situated inside the refrigerator compartment.

Step 2: Remove the Water Filter

Unlike the previous method, there is no cover to open or swiveling required for side-by-side refrigerators.

To remove the water filter, turn it counter-clockwise until it releases from its housing.

What the Manuals Hide From You

While user manuals provide valuable information, there are a few important details they may not mention. Here are some additional tips:

Tip 1: Check the Filter Position

Before attempting to remove the water filter, ensure that you have pulled it away from the compartment as far as it will go.

The filter should pivot away from the side or top of the refrigerator, making it easier to remove.

Tip 2: Twist the Filter Correctly

twist the filter correctly

Confirm that you have twisted the filter all the way. On most models, you will rotate it counter-clockwise to loosen the filter and then clockwise to tighten the new one.

By double-checking these two aspects, you can loosen the filter and facilitate its removal. In many cases, the filter will pop right out when in the correct position.

Tip 3: Dealing with Seized Filters

If the water filter is stuck and difficult to remove, it may be due to calcium build-up or extended use without replacement.

In such cases, you may need to apply a little extra force to pull the filter out.

Another helpful technique is to disconnect the water line from the refrigerator, as it can help reduce the water pressure on the filter and make it easier to remove.

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Can’t Reset Your GE Water Filter? Try These Solutions

If you encounter an issue with your GE water filter that you cannot resolve yourself, there are two options to consider:

Issue with the Water Filter Cartridge

The warranty for each water filter cartridge is limited to 30 days. If the filter fails within 30 days of purchase due to a defect, GE will replace it free of charge.

To initiate a warranty claim, visit geapplianceparts.com or call 1-800-GE-CARES.

Issue with the Refrigerator

issue with the refrigerator

If the problem seems to be with your refrigerator itself, such as a leak originating from inside the door, it is recommended to seek professional assistance.

Contact GE customer support to report the issue and provide a detailed explanation.

They will assist you in troubleshooting over the phone and, if needed, arrange for a technician to visit your home for necessary repairs.

Most appliance manufacturers, including GE, have dedicated repair technicians for warranty-related work.

While the repair window can be lengthy, the process is generally straightforward and hassle-free.

Where to Find Replacement Filters

While official GE replacement filters are readily available, you may also consider third-party options.

Amazon, for example, offers third-party water filters that are known to work just as effectively.

These filters have similar capabilities, and users who have tried both types report that the water tastes the same.


Can I Reset The Filter Without Using The Filter Reset Button?

Yes, if your GE refrigerator doesn’t have a dedicated filter reset button, you can try pressing and holding the “Water” button or a combination of buttons to reset the filter.

Consult your refrigerator’s manual for instructions.

Can I Reset The Filter Light On My GE Refrigerator Through The Settings?

Does Resetting The Filter On A GE Refrigerator Affect Water Quality?

Resetting the filter on your GE refrigerator does not directly affect the water quality.

The purpose of resetting is to clear the filter indicator light after replacing the filter.

The quality of your filtered water depends on the condition and effectiveness of the installed filter.

How Often Should I Reset The Filter On My GE Refrigerator?

You only need to reset the filter on your GE refrigerator when you have replaced the water filter.

The filter indicator light is designed to remind you when it’s time to replace the filter based on usage or time elapsed.

Do I Need To Reset The Filter On My GE Refrigerator If I Have An RFID-Enabled Filter?

If your GE refrigerator uses an RFID-enabled filter, it may automatically detect the replacement and disable the filter light for you. In such cases, manual resetting may not be necessary.

Check your refrigerator’s manual to confirm the functionality of the RFID feature.

Is The Filter Reset Button The Same For All GE Refrigerator Models?

The location of the filter reset button may vary slightly depending on the model.

Refer to your specific refrigerator’s manual or contact GE customer support for accurate information.

Do I Need To Reset The Filter After Replacing It?

Yes, resetting the filter is necessary after replacing it to clear the filter indicator light.

Follow the instructions provided in the manual or use the filter reset button to complete the process.


Resetting the water filter on your GE refrigerator is a simple process. Locate the filter reset button on the control panel or follow the specific steps provided in the user manual. 

By removing the old filter, inserting a new one, and pressing and holding the Water button, you can reset the filter light. 

Remember to consult the manual for your GE refrigerator model or reach out to customer support if you need assistance. Enjoy clean and refreshing filtered water with ease.

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